Privacy Policy

As the owners of SeaBreeze we are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our guests. This privacy policy document explains what personal information we collect and how we use it.

What data do we collect?

The only personal data we collect is the information you send to us either via the contact form on this website or by email for the purposes of enquiring or arranging a stay at SeaBreeze. This data usually comprises the following: your name, your email address, the dates of your stay or proposed stay and your travel arrangements. In a few cases it also includes a phone number and a postal address. Where a refund is made it may also include the bank details to which the refund was paid.

What do we do with your data?

Your data is solely used

  1. To facilitate or respond to your enquiry about a stay at SeaBreeze.
  2. To keep a record of who stayed at the villa and all payments paid by either party.

What data do we keep after you leave the villa and for how long?

In general we keep only your name and email address – in some cases a phone number and postal address if it was given to us and recorded – and the dates of your stay. We also keep a record of all payments. This data has to be kept for 8 years to comply with the Tax authority's regulations. After that we keep an abbreviated record of booking dates and your name for statistical purposes only.

Who sees your data?

YOUR DATA IS NOT SHARED WITH ANY THIRD PARTY AND is only seen by the manager and/or the owners of SeaBreeze. The dates of your stay at the villa are published on the website showing only firstname and start and end dates.

How is the data stored?

Your data is stored in a secure Microsoft datacentre  and backed up on a single PC protected by Kaspersky Cloud behind two firewalls and several passwords. Only the owners of SeaBreeze know the passwords. No hard copy is kept of your data.

How can you check what data we have?

Please email and we will forward details to you

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